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Choosing the Right Insurance for Your Dog


Apr 2017

Choosing the Right Insurance for Your Dog

Last updated, October 2017.

Veterinary care in the US can be very expensive, just seeing the vet for a consultation can often run into the hundreds, let alone the cost of treatment – which is why we recommend that you take out insurance for your dog.

Insuring your dog tags for pets does not make sense. However, insuring the health of your furry friend should be a primary concern.

Taking out pet insurance for your dog can ease the financial burden and cushion you if your dog was to suddenly become unwell. If you are new to pet insurance then finding the right supplier can seem a bit daunting.

Our guide to pet insurance for your dog will talk you through everything you need to know to choose the right insurance to suit your circumstances.

What Type of Dog Insurance Cover?

The first thing to look for when finding insurance for your dog is what type of cover you are after. There are three main types. An annual policy is the cheapest dog insurance option. It means that your dog will be covered for a set period of time (usually 12) months. In this period the insurance firm will pay out for any treatment that’s needed. However, once the 12 months is up you are no longer covered. Annual covers also place a cap on how much you can claim per year. This type of policy is ideal for young dogs that generally don’t require any long term treatment plans.

Per condition cover is another type of dog insurance policy. This policy sets a maximum amount for each new condition … Read the rest


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