5 Important Tips to Save On Taxi Insurance

5 Important Tips to Save On Taxi Insurance

Most car owners wish they could evade the purchase of car insurance, especially when the insurance purchase is for a new taxi. Taxi insurance can be costly, and it’s normally more for brand new cars than for five-plus year old models. This article is aimed at helping you choose the correct premiums without putting in unnecessarily big amounts of money.

Be A Wise Buyer

There are many companies that offer London taxi insurance  services. The insurance premiums are mostly based on models. The newer and more complex the model of car you decide to buy, the more premiums you are likely to pay. This is because car damage is the biggest cost auto insurers incur, and replacement parts for new models tend to be more costly. Don’t interpret this as “don’t buy an expensive car”; all I’m saying is buy a car you can afford to insure.

Pick A Reputable Insurer

Going for lower premiums is a big temptation, but if you factor in costs like having to pay extra for original car replacement parts when you need them, or low-balling loss estimates, you might find that it saves more money getting medium or high premiums. The truth is, the kind of premium amount you pay is not really as big a deal as the insurance provider. Providers can be shrewd and there are those who will even hike your premiums after an accident. In our extensive research of insurance providers that consumers are highly satisfied with, NJM, Amica and USAA scored 90% and above.

Purchase All Your Policy From One Insurer

Most insurers will give you good discounts if you purchase several insurance covers from them as opposed to only buying the auto insurance cover. Please note that I said MOST, so it’s important to evaluate the cost of purchasing only your car policy from the insurer against purchasing several policies, and weigh the discounted sum. Among the combinations you could purchase with your car insurance are; life, renters, or home owners insurance.

Maintain A Good Credit Score

Auto insurance companies in most states will factor in your credit score when setting your premium rates. It is therefore important to regularly check and correct your credit-reporting errors in case your insurance company does this. You can also ask your insurer to exempt you from this in the event that your finances have been highly affected by medical problems, death of a family member, loss of job or even recession.

Take All Discounts Available

Reputable motor vehicle insurance companies will give attractive discounts, most of them based on low-risk lifestyle. Discounts are mostly given for:

  • Drivers who have taken a defensive-driving course.
  • Anti-theft or safety equipment installed in the car.
  • Old drivers with refresher course certificate.
  • New drivers with a driver-training course.
  • Students with good grades.

It is easier to save money on car insurance than most people imagine. If you strictly follow the above tips and other subtle ones like reporting reduced mileage, doing annual rate check and setting the right deductibles, you will be surprised how less of a hassle paying your premiums will be.


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